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How will you stay ahead in Fixed Income?

How are you going to take your bond trading to the next level?

AxeTrader is how

The AxeTrader Quoting and Execution Management System is the dedicated fixed income trading software that enables unique market making, quoting, bond pricing and order execution on a single desktop. It provides exceptional aggregated liquidity, multiple pricing feeds, powerful client servicing and execution capability across voice and electronic trading.

The user configurable quoting engine is designed for today’s market and modern business needs, enabling users to move beyond legacy technology.

With AxeTrader you can:

  • Increase the number of RFQs answered by an individual trader by up to 500%.
  • Maintain and grow your presence in local, regional and global bond markets.
  • Adjust levels of automation and rules-based trading from complete autopilot to fully hands-on.
  • AxeTrader interacts seamlessly across the leading execution venues and liquidity sources and connects to your vital market data and market intelligence providers.
  • Stream real-time FX prices into bond trading workflow.
  • Enforce credit limits consistently across markets, and legal entities, in real time.